December 1, 2014

The SouthCoast Snowdown

Southcoast Snowdown poster

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When: Saturday, January 31st, 9am

Where: Whaling City CrossFit – 475 Church St. New Bedford, MA 02745

Who: Rx and Scaled CrossFitters. Teams of 4 (two men and two women)

Arrival: Please plan to arrive between 8:00am and 8:15am!

Parking: Because of all the SNOW, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CARPOOL!
We are located behind the Muffler and Brake. You can drive in to the door to unload and then move your vehicle to one of our parking areas. I have attached a map showing all the places you can park in blue squares. Once the spots at our building s fill up, your options are:
-Head over to Kings Highway and park in the lot in front of McDonalds and Ocean State Job Lot and walk through the path marked with a Red line in the attached map. There is a small path through the snow.
-On the other side of the block, if you head up Wood St. (or any of those residential streets), most of those streets in the Residential area do have on-street parking on one side or the other. Please just pay attention to signs that say No Parking. Again, this may be more difficult because of the SNOW!

Waivers: If possible, please print and fill out the attached Waiver. This will greatly speed up your check-in process!

Athlete Hang Out Area: Will will have space inside where athletes, friends and family can set up chairs, blankets etc. So please bring whatever you need/want to hang out inside in between your workouts.

Athlete Meeting: Athlete Briefing Meeting on workouts, standards, etc will happen at 8:30am sharp, with the first Heat of WOD 1 beginning at 9:00am!

Heat Schedule: Heat times (subject to some slight changes) are UP and posted on the Box HQ :

WODs/Events: We have announced all 3 WODs out of 3. The order of the WODs will be as follows:
– WOD 1: “21-15-9 Barbell Relay”
– WOD 2: “Partner 50s”
– WOD 3: “Jump, Thrust, Kick”
– WOD 4: For Top RX Finishers; will be announced after completion of WOD 3.

You should be able to perform multiple reps under fatigue at the weights listed.

RX: You can complete the “benchmark girls” Rx.

Clean & Jerk 155/105
Snatch 135/95
Deadlift 275/185
Thruster 95/65
KBS 70/53
Wallball 20/14
Double Unders
Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Rope Climbs

SCALED: You have to scale the “benchmark girls” or don’t know what girls I’m talking about.

Clean & Jerk 115/75
Snatch 95/65
Deadlift 185/135
Thruster 75/55
KBS 53/35
Wallball 14/10
Single Unders

Announced Events:

Event 1:
“21-15-9 Barbell Relay”
One at a time, as a relay:
21 Clean
15 Front Squat
9 Jerk
Rx: 155/105. Scaled: 115/75
Both Women perform 21-15-9, then the Women load the Men’s weight on the bar for the Men.

Event 2:

“Partner 50s”
For Time:
50 Calorie Row (25 each)
50 Deadlift 275/185, 185/125
50 C2B (Scaled: KB Swings 53/35)

At 3,2,1,GO, the Men perform 50 reps of each movement. The row must be split 25/25, the Deadlifts and C2B can be split however as long as each teammate performs at least 1 rep of each movement. When the Men finish their 50th C2B, they will tag in the Women who will then perform the workout in the same fashion.

Event 3:

“Jump, Thrust, Kick”
For Time:
400 Double Unders (Single Unders)
200 Thrusters 95/65, 75/55
100 TTB (Ab-mat Situps)
All four athletes share the reps, one athlete working at a time.

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