December 12, 2011

Nutrition Coaching

Introducing Nutrition Coaching from Whaling City CrossFit
Our goal at WCCF has always been to strive daily to make each and every one of our members healthier. Improved health increases quality of life and longevity. The basis for any worthwhile health and fitness program has to be Nutrition. Over time and through experimentation, we have found that 30 day “nutrition challenges” are not the most effective way to improve a person’s Nutritional Foundation. You can’t eat well for 30 days and then throw everything out the window and go back to your old habits and then throw in another Whole30 right before your tropical vacation.

Also, the “rules” of these challenges don’t leave much room for an individual’s goals. Each person has a unique set of circumstances: current health and fitness, performance and body composition goals, etc. There is not one diet prescription that works for everyone. Paleo, Whole30, Primal, Flexible Dieting, Zone, Eat to Perform, Renaissance Periodization, etc. As a result, we have launched our Nutrition Coaching program, offering one-on-one coaching to help each individual custom tailor their Nutrition plan.

We offer the following levels of Coaching:

Level 1: Food Journal Analysis and Advice – You will keep a detailed food journal for one week and then meet with us to review. We will help identify quick fixes and dietary changes you can make to improve your Nutrition. $35 one time fee (each additional food log review after the initial is $20)

Level 2: Weekly Nutrition Coaching – In addition to the services provided in Level 1, you will be provided with more in-depth nutritional guidance and education. You will have weekly Check-ins with your Coach and their phone number so you can call/text whenever you have any nutritional questions. $75 per month

Level 3: Customized Meal Plan and Coaching – In addition to all the services in Levels 1 & 2, you will receive a Customized Meal Plan laying out your meals and snacks with recipes. (Limited spots available for Level 3) $50 per week, $250 for 6 weeks

These prices are for members of Whaling City CrossFit. Additional charges will apply for non-members.

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