January 13, 2012

Memberships and Pricing


Our Coaches guide you on a path to fitness with Personal Training and/or Group Classes. To get started on your journey, click here to schedule a FREE Consultation with one of our Coaches!

WCFit Individual Design
Our WCCF ID Program is next level in terms of reaching your Fitness Goals. It is a long-term relationship between Athlete and Coach to Assess, Design, Execute, and Reassess. The program addresses all aspects of improving your Health and Wellness. Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching and a Individually Designed Fitness Regimen. Full details can be found here.

One-on-One Personal Training
WCCF is staffed by Coaches who are experts in functional movement. In a one-on-one setting, your Coach can work with you hands on to perfect your movement. These sessions can focus on your specific goals as an individual. Personal Training includes goal-setting, personalized workouts and homework assignments. Also, Open Gym is INCLUDED in Personal Training Packages!

CrossFit Memberships
Our CrossFit classes are small groups led by one or more of our experienced Coaches. The aim of these classes is to improve your work capacity, to make you healthier and fitter for your work and your life. Whether you are a grandmother or a professional athlete, we can forge you into the best version of yourself. CrossFit memberships include access to certain specialty classes, including Barbell Club, Bootcamp, Endurance, Strength, and Mobility. Click here for full descriptions of all our Classes and Programs!

Beginners complete our Comprehensive On-Ramp Program for Beginners prior to joining CrossFit Classes. Click here to learn more about our On-Ramp!

CrossFit Kids & Teens Memberships
Our Kids & Teens Program is designed to teach the CrossFit methodology to kids in a fun, supportive, and safe environment. We can help kids excel in their everyday lives as well as in other sports. Training a child’s body has also been shown to improve their cognitive abilities and performance in school. Our Kids Program is led by Tess Hedblom, a 6th Grade School Teacher who holds degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education, and who is a certified CrossFit Kids Instructor.

Open Gym Add-on Package
The Open Gym Add-on Package include access to WCCF during all designated Open Gym hours, as well as during Class times. During designed Open Gym time, members have access to the entirety of our space. During class times, however, members are limited to using space not being utilized for Coached classes.
Open Gym is available as an add-on to CrossFit Class Memberships. It is also included with Personal Training Packages and Individual Design Programs.


Contact Us for Current Pricing on Memberships & PT Packages.

Why does this cost more than a Globo Gym?
Because we help you get REAL results!  CrossFit has changed our lives and now we want to help change yours.  The typical Globo Gym is full of ineffective machines being used by unhappy people, browsing through magazines or talking on cellphones.  You know the ones.  Heck, you may be one of them.  Year after year doing the same routine of 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical followed by some isolation resistance training on cable machines or with dumbbells.  And, shockingly, you never see any real results.  Well, you get what you pay for.

CrossFit provides small group personal training focused on realizing the full potential of the human condition.  It’s a lifelong journey to be a strong, fast, flexible, coordinated, agile, powerful individual with good balance, accuracy, endurance, and stamina.  CrossFit will dramatically improve every aspect of your fitness, and, as a result, your life.  We will also coach you on diet and nutrition to help you better fuel that new, more fit version of yourself.

Now, let’s look the numbers: if you break down $130 into weekly amounts you get: $37.50/week.  By attending 5 classes per week, it is a mere $7.50 per class.  Cut out the morning habit of stopping off for a bagel with cream cheese and large iced coffee (or cut down on one round of drinks at the local watering hole) and you can afford to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  What do you have to lose?

Membership Policies
All Memberships start with a 3-month commitment and afterwards are Month to Month.
All membership changes must be requested in writing to erik@whalingcitycrossfit.com.

All Members agree to the following terms:

By signing below, the signee agrees to have the stated Membership Rate (minus any applicable discounts or credits) deducted from the account on file in their Member Profile or charged to the Bank Account or card on file in their Member Profile on the Day they begin Membership and on the same Day of the Month each Month, hereby known as the Payment Date, for as long as their Membership remains active. Signee has the option to cancel after initial 3-month commitment as stated below or change the Payment Date at any time. The signee acknowledges and further agrees to allow Triib and their payment processor, Stripe, to act on behalf of Hedblom Fitness LLC, dba Whaling City CrossFit.

Furthermore, the signee acknowledges that Membership at Whaling City CrossFit has an initial term length of 3-months, therefore, Membership may not be terminated during the initial 3-month term or signee may be subject to a Cancelation Fee equal to One Month’s Membership. After the initial term, Membership may be terminated at any time as long as Signee provides notice of membership cancellation 10 days prior to the Payment Date for the following month in order to ensure no further charges apply.

In the event that signee chooses to pay Cash for their Membership, they agree to do so within 5 days of their Payment Date. They further acknowledge that failure to do so may result in the Membership Rate being deducted from the account on file in their Member Profile.