Why Tempo is Important

Maybe you have wondered why almost all of our strength work for the last year and a half has a specific tempo for each movement. Why do I have to go slow on the way down? Why do I have to pause in the bottom? Wait, WHAT is the Tempo? How to Read Tempo Before
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Wednesday WOD – 021115

Program Update We are getting ready to launch what I am calling WCCF 2.0. We have a lot of amazing ideas in the works for ya’ll. We are going to be adding a variety of specialty classes and programs outside of our standard CrossFit WOD classes. CrossFit Lite, Endurance, Barbell, Gymnastics, and Mobility classes are
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Hard Work.

The 3 C’s of CrossFit Success – Consistency, Community, Coaching

At Whaling City CrossFit, you are part of a Community that holds itself to a higher standard. A Community that strives for greatness each day. That greatness can’t be achieved overnight. The most crucial ingredients in creating success? Consistency, Community, and Coaching. “Contrary to the popular ideal, working out three days a week is a
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