2018 Intramural Open

We are excited to announce our 3rd Annual Intramural Open at WCCF! This 6 week event coincides with the worldwide CrossFit Games Open each year. Everyone splits up into Teams and we all throwdown every Friday for 5 weeks on whatever Open Workout is announced on Thursday night at 8pm! The 6th week will be a special Team event with a chance for Teams to earn some more Bonus Points.

For those of you who don’t know, the CrossFit Games Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season to find the Fittest Man, Woman, Team, Teens, and Masters on the planet! It’s an “Open” competition in that ANYONE can participate. By registering on games.crossfit.com and submitting your scores each week, you can compare your scores across towns, states, regions, age groups, etc. But, more importantly, you are testing your fitness and pushing the limits of what you thought you were capable of. It’s You Against You. And those of us who have been doing this for multiple years can compare our year over year performance.

Each workout has levels and variations for Rx, Scaled, Masters, and Teens. We want everyone included in our Intramural Open, even if you can’t do all the movements for the Scaled division, if you have an injury or limitations or are brand new to CrossFit. You are not required to register on the Games site. We will modify the workout for you each week, just as we do with our regular program every week!

CrossFit holds a live announcement every Thursday night at 8pm to announce the workout for that week. That will be our Workout of the Day for Friday. You can come to your regular class time to do the workout. However, we do encourage as many people as possible to come to our FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS during the Open. Even if you come workout in the morning, come back in the evening to support your Team and/or help with Judging!

Our amazing Team Captains for this year are listed below:



The Captains are all competing to have YOU on their team. They are encouraged to bribe and coerce to try and sign you! Hold out for the best offer 😉

There are lots of ways for you to earn points for your Team!

Weekly Points:
1 – Every Team Member who completes the Open Workout each week
2 – Top 3 RX scores (M and F)
2 – Top 3 Scaled scores (M and F)
3 – Top Social Media Post(s) (Picture or Video, must tag Whaling City CrossFit)
3 – Most Team Spirit at FNL
5 – Spirit of the Open

One-time only Points:

1 – Team Member participating in 1st Open
1 – Team Member PRing any Repeat Open Workouts
2 – Team Member with <6 months CrossFit experience


Must sign up by Thursday night to perform the workout during Friday Night Lights each week.
There will be no evening classes on Friday afternoons. The gym will open at 3:30pm as usual. Come early if you need some extra time to warm up or prepare for the workout, or if you need some hands-on coaching on the movements in the workout.

1st Heat – 5:00pm SHARP
2nd Heat – 5:30pm
3rd Heat – 6:00pm
4th Heat – 6:30pm
5th Heat – 7:00pm

Make sure you start warming up at least a half-hour before your assigned heat time so that you are ready to go!


We need Volunteers to Judge during the Heats on Friday Night Lights! If you are willing and able to Judge, please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18wYWTi8fEjV90i3YFhb0ifsXVy1VOC0H9t_10THq4Fo/edit?usp=sharing

In the sheet, list your name and the time you can get to the gym each of the 5 weeks. Our plan is to organize things even better this year so that Judges are assigned what Heats they are working and will not be asked to Judge when they should be warming up for their own Heats.

We will be holding a quick Judge’s Meeting on Saturday February 17th at 10am to discuss some Movement Standards and tips for effectively being a Judge.


-Last Chance Qualifier: Make ups/ re-do’s must be completed Sunday between 9:00-10:30am.
-Athletes with Open Gym Memberships can schedule times to re-test if they are trying to improve their score.
-If you do not have an Open Gym Membership, you may not complete the workouts Saturday or Monday.
-Points for Top Scores each week are only eligible to athletes who complete either the Rx or Scaled version of the Workout for their division as written by CrossFit HQ.
-Once the draft is completed, Team Captains may begin recruiting, bribing, coercing, or blackmailing athletes to join their team. The initial Team cap size is 15 athletes. If and when all teams reach 15 members, the cap will move to 20 athletes.
-Each Team will be responsible for providing the Food for one of the first 4 weeks of FNL.



If you registered on games.crossfit.com, you must SUBMIT your score by 8pm on MONDAY nights!