Thursday WOD – 031716



6am Canceled!

WCCF 2016 Intramural Open!
16.4 gets announced Thursday at 8pm on! Any predictions? I think Deadlifts and HSPU!

Social Media Contest
We will be running this contest through the Open. Each check-in earns you an entry in a drawing to win a FREE Month’s Membership! When you come to the gym, check-in to WCCF on Facebook, say something AWESOME, and include the hashtag: #whalingcitycrossfitfam


1. Pull-up Strength 5×5
Level 1: Seated Self Assisted Pull-ups
Level 2: Controlled Negatives
Level 3: Strict Pull-ups
Level 4: Weighted Pull-ups

2. 6 Rounds for time:
1 Rope Climb 15′
20 Air Squats
200′ Shuttle Run

Rx+ Wear a 20# Weight Vest

1. Active Recovery: 30-60 minutes of Bike, Swim or Row. If you row, get up and walk every few minutes.

2. Mobility and Self Care: Upper Body: Focus on your shoulders, traps, and lats. Lower Body: Low back, glutes, and quads.