Friday WOD – 030113

Whole30 Challenge – Day 26 Couple more article from the Whole30 for today: “Life after your First Whole30” has a bunch of feedback from participants in the comments section. Also, there is a ton of info/tips in the forums under “Life After Your Whole30.” Second, here is an article from the creators themselves, Dallas and
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Friday WOD – 022213

Whole30 Challenge – Day 19 “The Extraordinary Science of Junk Food.” Really in depth look at how big food companies are propagating the epidemic of metabolic syndrome and illnesses caused by over-consumption of junk food. Long article, very interesting, very scary. Here’s a synopsis: “The public and the food companies have known for decades now..
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Thursday WOD – 022113

Whole30 Challenge – Day 18 Want to consume some delicious butter during the Whol30? It is allowed, but only if your butter meets certain standards and criteria will it be permitted entry into your gut. Check out this article: “The Butter Manifesto.” Here’s the summary: “In summary, the only way we can recommend eating butter
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Wednesday WOD – 022013

Whole30 Challenge – Day 17 Friend’s and family confused by this new “diet” you’re on? Want to be able to explain the whole30 to them, why you are doing it, and why they should consider it? Or maybe you’re still not sure yourself. Read this article from Whole9. Here’s their “Paleo Pitch:” “I eat “real”
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